Welcome to Heritage Buzz, a unique membership-based solution for heritage attractions, stately homes and gardens, museums and other businesses with links to heritage.

Heritage Buzz exists because we know many of you in this sector struggle to ‘fly solo’ with your marketing, but do not have the budget to spend on typical external agency support services.

By joining Heritage Buzz, you can access the very best professional support to boost your marketing output. In a very unique way, you can also access 1:1 marketing coaching.

It’s time to do away with all the things that don’t work for you and tap into what Heritage Buzz can offer!



How can Heritage Buzz help you?

Heritage Buzz is the perfect solution for anyone in the heritage or arts and culture sector, who has a tight budget but a need to be ‘out there’, attracting visitors or customers. We offer three tiers of support – Gold, Silver and Bronze – spanning:


PR boosts consumer awareness of your offering and keeps your image polished.

Social Media

Social media helps you engage with your potential visitor.


Content – articles and blogs – helps you be found in search engines, build further bonds with visitors and, most importantly, suit the needs of latest algorithms, who want to see you being ‘helpful’.


Coaching allows us to talk through your own scenarios, help you discover the ‘nuggets’ that you should be promoting and guides you through the process of how to promote these to the outer world.



Marketing 1:1s and coaching from an award-winning team

Our 1:1 coaching is delivered by PR and content supremos, who have won top national and regional PR and content marketing awards and accolades in the travel and culture sectors.

This is where we are unique and deliver exceptional value.

Awards for Best PR campaign, Best Arts and Culture Campaign, Best Media Relations Campaign, Best Use of Content and Best Travel, Tourism and Leisure Campaign proliferate in our awards cabinet at Catapult PR – the agency behind Heritage Buzz.

In the past six years, we have achieved eight finalists’ positions at the prestigious national CIPR Excellence Awards’, solely for campaigns conducted for heritage-sector clients. We have won 2 of the 8, despite working to very modest budgets. We have also won more of these crème de la crème national awards for other clients, putting us at the pinnacle of our profession when it comes to performance by a regional PR agency.

In 2022, we also took the second place, Highly Commended, in the national Travel Marketing Awards. This was again for a heritage sector client. In the same year, we won four PR/marketing awards for a heritage visitor attraction and in 2023, we won another four.

If we can’t help you find the right strategy for your marketing, it’s hard to know who can. The inspiration and mentoring you derive from us, could be just the spark your marketing needs.

A media centre platform

As well as offering you the chance to snap up all of the above, Heritage Buzz gives its members:

  • a slot in its externally hosted media centre, in which all news stories created for members can be posted.
  • a chance to benefit from the referring links that this high-ranking centre provides back to your website.
  • the opportunity to have media download images and stories about you, direct from this centre.
  • an online public profile via this centre.
  • a Heritage Buzz media centre button that you can put on your website.


Podcasts and Audiograms

Members can also be involved in a podcast on our popular podcast show, Poodling Around.

This show is ranking well in both the UK and USA, with listener numbers growing all the time.

It has also been ranked in the ‘Top 20’ of UK leisure podcasts, by Feedspot. By simply chatting with us about your attraction or business, you can reach your prospective visitors through audio.

We will even create audiogram snippets that can be used on your social media channels.



Group Marketing

All Heritage Buzz members will:

  • have their stories highlighted on Heritage Buzz social media channels.
  • have their other news shared, as and when we spot it.
  • be involved in ‘group’ press releases and press releases on certain themes (where relevant), once we have established a core membership.
  • have a profile on a Heritage Buzz website, once our numbers are high enough to warrant it.
  • be included in Heritage Buzz newsletters, once we have built a strong list.
  • be involved in Heritage Buzz member Zoom sessions, so you can network with other members, if you wish.


Heritage Buzz has its fingers on the pulse of the heritage sector. In 2020, it carried out consumer research that highlighted what consumers wanted of a heritage attraction. You can download that piece of research here.

But the great news is that Gold members of Heritage Buzz will have access to the latest piece of research that we’ve carried out, giving them great direction and insight for the 2023 season!

What are you waiting for?

There’s nothing else like this in your sector and nothing that will give you such exceptional value, provided by top award-winning experts.

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